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April 16, 2018

Missing You Messages For Boyfriend

Every moment that I am spending without you,
Is giving me a reason to miss you,
Can't really stay without you,
I miss you honey I miss you!

You are so far away from me,
It's nothing more I can see,
Distance can't really affect our heart,
I miss you even if we are apart,
Love you and miss you!

I miss you much sweetheart,
Ever than before,
I want you to come back,
I want you to know,
That I miss you lots and I really love you!

I really can't stay without you now,
Please come back as days are getting long,
You are my life's most wonderful song,
Please come back my love,
Miss you lots!

I have everything in life,
But, I think that one thing which completes me is not there,
It's you my love, it's you honey,
Without you it's tough to survive!

 Any puzzle is incomplete without a piece,
You are my life's most beautiful puzzle,
Come and complete it,
Miss you lots!

 I feel so lonely without you my dear,
There is nothing in my life,
Nothing to cheer,
Please come back and give me a reason to smile,
I am missing you much all this while!

All day long, I just remember the time spent with you,
Why did you leave me alone?
Please come back in my life,
Without you it's really tough to survive,
Miss you so much!

I miss you on every beat of my heart,
I miss you with every blink of my eyes,
Please come back,
Or I won't suffice,
Love you lots!

There is no reason or any season,
But, I miss you in every moment,
Time is not the same again my dear,
Please come back to me,
Miss you loads!

Miss you so much my love,
I feel so lost without you,
Please come back and be my smile,
I am really missing you all this while
Come back soon!

It feels so empty like a vase,
You are my heart and soul,
In my life,
You play the most important role,
Please come back soon,
I miss you so much!

It's hard to find a person like you,
Because you are so caring,
I feel so blue,
Because of you,
Because I am so missing you,
Come back soon! 

I miss you like crazy,
I miss you like wild,
When will you come back my dear
When will I get back my cheer?
Please come back soon!

Your absence has made me realized
That you mean a lot to me
You are everything to thee,
I love you a lot,
And I miss you a lot,
Please come back soon!

Parting ways in life is not so easy
You feel that pain in the heart
I cannot imagine my days without you
Coz you have always been a special part
A part that makes me smile all day
Without you my boy, I have lost my say
Tell me when you will come back
I am missing you every moment in flack
I really miss you!

You remember someone when they are apart
You remember people who are your part
That distance and that wait that kills
It makes life terrible to live
Since the time you have left me my boy
I have lost all the worldly joy
I am waiting for your hug so tight
Waiting for my smile in might
I am missing you so much!

My pleasure and my smile has turned into pain
Living without you is tough there is no gain
Understand and come back to my might
Get it clear my wishful plight
It's tough to live without you my boy
You are my most precious gift of joy
Come back and complete me
I am missing you so much!

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